Colored Concrete

Deep Penetrating Stain System

Stain Floor ADecorative Concrete Staining System designed to create an aesthetically rich and variegated finish that will not peel, chip, or fade. Transform dull, drab concrete floors into a beautiful work of art!

A Colored Concrete System produces a distinctive, permanent color with marbled and translucent effects, much like natural stone. It does not cover up existing surfaces as a conventional stain or paint; rather a Colored Concrete System can be used in conjunction with surfaces that have already been color hardened or integrally colored to create a uniquely beautiful look that cannot be duplicated by any other coloring process.

Brings new life to your
old, discolored concrete floors

  • Restores existing surfaces

  • Ideal for large commercial projects

  • Beautiful and Versatile

  • As durable as it is beautiful
Staiined Floor

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