Integral Concrete Coloring

Is a mix-in color, not a topping,
which means the color wears with the concrete
giving you true color through and through
for the life of the concrete slab

  • Adds Color and Excitement

  • Available in many Vivid Colors

  • Makes a Statement

Integral Color Floor Picture

An Integral Coloring System for concrete is a concentrated color admixture that mixes right in to transform ordinary concrete into surfaces or structures that stand out to be noticed or blend in with surroundings. Integral Coloring is as durable and lasts as long as concrete.

Integral Coloring is designed to be used in all cementitious materials, producing unlimited color effects. The primary applications are cast-in-place, slab on grade, precast, tilt-up, concrete pavers and roof tiles. Integral Coloring also can be used in stucco, cast stone and plaster.

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