Frequently Asked Questions . . .

How will the winter affect my stamped concrete job?

Even though northeast winters are harsh, stamped concrete is very durable and with care will last for many years. Salt destorys all types of concrete installations. Sand is a good alternative to use. If you use an environmental Safe Melter be sure to read the manufacturer's directions.

Why is stamped concrete better than concrete pavers?

Are you tired of stained and unslightly pavers that settle and shift requiring ongoing maintenance and and resetting but still want a decorative look around your home or property?

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Will my stamped concrete crack?

Occassionally concrete may crack. Hairline cracks usually are hidden in the texture. We follow industry standard methods to insure that every effort is made to help prevent cracking. Control joints are used to encourage concrete to crack within the control joint, therefore preventing the likelihood of cracks developing elsewhere

Must my concrete be maintained?

It is suggested that your surface be resealed every two (2) or three (3) years to keep the color at a vibrant level.

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